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New from the Heckler Koch design team in Obemdorf, Germany is a new striker fired, polymer framed pistol with advanced features not found on the competitors striker fired sidearms. Factory NEW from HK Striker fired Commerical Model of the VP9. 2/17 R
The HK VP9, 9mm striker fired pistol. using knowledge gained from the line of P30 pistols, HK has incorporated a number of similar features, such as the ability to fine tune the fully customize-able grip with replaceable backstraps and side panels. Fully ambidextrous controls are provided for left handed and right handed shooters as well as weak side control-ability.

The rear sights and other areas of this design are low snag, maing this handgun optimal for concealed carry purposes. Standard on the VP9 is the proprietary charging supports mounted on the rear of the side to aid in pulling the slide back. This is important for shooters with weaker hands and to prevent slipping time is critical.

The trigger pull of just over 5 lbs., leads to a crisp break followed by a positive yet short reset.

The VP9 is not just an afterthought. In the over 4 years of development, be assured that Heckler Koch has thoroughly tested this firearm and given it the seal of approval, prior to releasing it. HK has exhaustively tested this gun through over 10,000 rounds and torture events in conditions that most handguns will never see. The VP9 surpassed the expectations in area of wear, tolerances, reliability and accuracy. All VP9 pistols are test fired to prove function and accuracy at the German factory which then receives the German certification proofs. The stellar reputation of H&K is taken seriously in design, manufacturing, testing and use in the field.
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