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The All New KRISS Super V 16 inch CRB/SO .45 ACP Civilian Carbines. Come with 1-13 round mag and front and rear sights.
In addition to our highly acclaimed KRISS Super V Vector SMg for military and law enforcement, KRISS USA is proud to announce two ATF-approved semi-auto civilian carbines; the KRISS Super V Vector CRB/SO and the SBR/ SO. Both are based upon the SMG proven rugged milspec design and construction and are the smallest, lightest, most controllable and accurate carbines in the world. here what just a few kind folks have had to say about the KRISS family of firearms:

Represents a new direction for recoil mitigation in firearms design. American Rifleman

Best ever SMG Guns Weapons for Law enforcement Magazine

The CQB weapon of choice! DiscoveryChannels FutureWeapons

Taking the kick out of kickback means fewer errant bullets on the battle- field Popular Science 100 Best Innovations of the Year

Extremely easy to keep on target.American Rifleman

Recoil was amazingly light just as advertised and the red dot never recoiled off-target. Mike Detty for Police Magazine.
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