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The Ruger LCP Custom is instantly recognizable by its bright red trigger, polished blued slide and new sights.
There a new LCP in town and it is unmistakable for several reasons, most notably for a distinctive, skeletonized, red aluminum trigger. Of course, anodized aluminum triggers are nothing new, theyre available as a custom addition for a vast number of handguns, but this one comes direct from the factory. The idea behind the new trigger is more than appearances; it is designed to reduce felt trigger pull by changing the trigger finger interface so that you have more leverage.

This also reduces the bite during recoil from the pointy recurve at the bottom of the standard trigger. In general, the trigger feels lighter, stacking becomes less evident and reset is quicker, although the trigger pull remains the same.

Other significant features of the LCP Custom are the polished blued slide and its new sights. Up front is a tall blade with a photoluminescent center dot; in back is a tall, square-notched, dovetailed sight that centers the front dot in an instant. The LCP Custom also uses a new, more durable stainless steel guide rod. Everything else that is good about the original LCP remains, making the Custom version a significant factory upgrade.
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