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The AC-Unity 30rd MP5 magazine is a lightweight, impact resistant and highly reliable magazine for all 9mm HK MP5, SP5, MP5K, SP5K and clones taking standard MP5 magazines.

Made of an advanced, German made polymer-resin/granulate that is light weight and extremely shock resistant. This polymer is exclusive to AC-Unity and gives these mags a huge edge in weight and durability.

The body is impact resistant through a wide range of temperatures. Metal parts are hardened and corrosion resistant. Carbon wire spring has a lifetime warranty against corrosion and will not degrade from use or loaded storage.

This MP5 30rd mag fits all HK MP5/SP5/HK94/SP89/MP5K/SP5K, MKE, Zenith ZR5RS, POF MP5/MP5RS, BW5, SW5, CA94 and other HK 9mm clones.

AC MP5 mags work with your Maglula MP5 mag loader or ETS CAM Universal Rifle/SMG speed loader.

AC-Unity magazines are used by Bosnian Defense Forces and other militaries in Europe and the Middle East. Not just military grade; but current military issue.

Lifetime warranty against defect or loss of spring strength or corrosion.
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