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The P365SAS was designed for the serious CCW user.
This pistol does just that by taking the concept of the SIG Anti Snag (SAS) treatment to a whole new level.

With the incorporation of the FT Bullseye sight embedded into the slide, the P365SAS does away with the need of a primary snag hazard of all pistols…the front sight. With the assistance of fiber optics during the day and tritium in low light, the user can now obtain a crystal clear high-visibility bullseye sight picture at real-word engagement distances faster than ever before.

The ported barrel and slide results in up to 30% less muzzle flip and zero front sight fouling, since there isn’t one.

The flush slide catch and takedown levers ensure absolute smoothness and zero snag risk.

After shooting the P365SAS, sights will never look the same.
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