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Excellent Mauser S/42 "G" Date Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol
This is an excellent example of a early WWII German Luger pistol manufactured by Mauser in 1935. Pistols manufactured in the 1926-1935 time frame used a letter code on top of the chamber area to designate the year of manufacture in lieu of an actual number. These letter codes were intended to disguise the rearmament effort in Germany that was on-going in the early 1930s. The "G" designates manufacture in 1935.

The top of the toggle has the "S/42" markings designating the Mauser factory with the "G" over the chamber area. The right side of the barrel extension is marked with droop stick wing eagles over "63"and droop stick wing eagle proofs, with the latter repeated on the right rear of the barrel.

The underside of the barrel is marked with the matching serial number and the bore diameter "8.82". The matching serial number is also marked on the left side of the barrel extension and the front of the frame, with the last two numbers "35" on the small components. VG Bore

Rust blue finish with straw colored 50% small parts and fitted with checkered walnut grips.
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