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Mossberg’s Shockwave Now Available In Softer-Shooting .410 Bore GREAT FOR YOUR HOME DEFENSE PROTECTION
The Mossberg Shockwave’s been a popular choice for home defense and as a truck gun.

A .410 Shockwave gives you Mossy’s venerable 590 receiver design (with the safety right where God intended it) and a six-round capacity. With all of the .410 loads available now, thanks to guns like the Taurus Judge and S&W Governor (think Winchester PDX1 or Federal Premium Personal Defense), there’s a nice selection of effective personal defense ammo to choose from.

Best of all, a .410 probably won’t make you regret your decision to pull the trigger. We hope to get our hands on one soon to confirm that suspicion. Here are the specs:

Capacity: 6 shells
Chamber: 3 inches
Barrel length: 14 inches
Sights: Bead
Chokes: Cylinder Bore
Length: 26.37 inches
Weight: 4.24 lbs.
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