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Remington 96430 R51 SAO 9mm +P 3.4" 7+1 AS Black Polymer Grip Black Hard Coat Anodized
The Remington Model R51 is fine-tuned by Remington engineers to deliver intuitive shootability so you can be ready and stay safe when it matters
most. To lessen muzzle flip and dramatically reduce recoil, the R51 features an optimized grip angle and Pedersen block design.

The locked breech design allows for higher pressures compared to simple blowback pistols, perfect for 9mm +P ammo.

This subcompact pistol has a light slide racking force, low bore axis, and a positive grip safety.

With a 3.4" barrel and smooth, rounded edges, the R51 conceals easily and deploys like lightning.

It comes with two 7-round magazines.
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